Irvine Youth Water Polo
" Kahuna "


Irvine Youth "Kahuna" Water Polo... is a community based program operating out of the world class William Woollett Aquatics Center.

They fundamentally develop water polo athletes to play and understand the "Complete" game. They also have players from all age groups and skill levels; from 6 years olds to high school players (we even manage a group of 'Masters' players). They develop and train all athletes equally based on their proficiency and ability to learn.

They have introductory, intermediate, and advanced programs. They are currently training top nationally recognized players as well as those just beginning this exciting sport, and everything in between.

As their club and corporate philosophy they continually strive for the highest proficiency in there endeavors, whether it be teaching the dynamic sport of water polo to the community, operating events, developing their club, or supporting the Irvine communities as a 501(c)3 Public Charity.

While some might argue that some of their coaches and administrators have indeed achieved Kahuna status with respect to many aspects of the sport of water polo, please understand that the use of the word "Kahuna" as their mascot/philosophy is not used with arrogance but as a constant reminder of that which they wish to attain and teach.







The big "KAHUNA" KAHUNA (ka-hu-na)
plural also (ka-hu-na)
Function: noun
Etymology: Hawaiian
Date: 1875

Definitions: a preeminent person or thing, a guru, any person or thing to whom larger-than-life power or authority is attributed, a person with specialized knowledge, expert in any profession.

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